At Texas Preparatory Schools, the faculty and administration are extremely proud of the fact the for the 2013-14 school year, Children at Risk in Houston, Texas ranked us the NUMBER ONE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL IN THE ENTIRE STATE OF TEXAS! We received a composite index score of 99.9 out of 100 and an A+ letter grade.

Please note that these results were based on our San Marcos campus, as no data was available for our Austin campus as 2013 was our first year of operation. Given that our Austin campus has the same leadership, commitment to excellence and teaching methodology – we are anticipate the same stellar results for the 2014-15 rankings for our Austin campus.

Children at Risk began to rank high schools in 2006 to draw public attention to the drop crisis facing Houston. Since that time, Children at Risk has gone on to rank ALL schools in Texas. Parents have found that the School Rankings serve as a tremendous advocacy tool for parents to gage how their schools and rank and can, in turn, demand the best for their children. In addition, the School Rankings Report aims to:

  • Serve as an accessible guide for parents, educations and community members on the performance of local schools.
  • Generate conversations about how schools and districts are performing overall in creating college-ready students.
  • Encourage the use of data in public school reform.

Visit the Children at Risk website to read more about their School Rankings Report Methodology, and the full FAQ.