Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the official policy-making body of the Boys & Girls Clubs of South Central Texas. The Board of Directors meet regularly to adopt, review and modify policies and to receive input from staff and the community. All meetings are posted at least 72 hours in advance. Regular board meetings are scheduled at each meeting. The Board of Directors may hold special call meetings and workshops as needed.

To communicate to the board, email:

Role Member
Board Chair Dr. Shirley J Sprinkles, PhD
Treasurer Marvin C. Surles
Secretary Eric P. Jones
Member Adria D. Whalon


Notice Regular Meeting

Meetings of the Board of Directors are held at 400 Uhland Rd, San Marcos, Texas 78666.

A quorum of members of the Board will participate in the meetings. Members of the public may submit comments on any agenda item(s) of the Regular Meeting to before the start of the meeting. Anyone may sign up to make comments during the Citizens’ Communication Session.

Closed/Executive Session

Meetings of the Boys & Girls Clubs of South Central Texas are conducted in accordance with the State’s Open Meeting Law. Although all meetings are open to the public, the law also permits the convening of a closed/executive session, a portion of a meeting not open to the public. Closed/Executive session matters pertain to personnel, real estate transactions, student hearings, negotiated contracts, consultation, and/or legal issues.

If, during the course of a board meeting, discussion of any item on the agenda should be held in Closed/Executive Session, the Board will convene in such Closed/Executive Session in accordance with the Open Meeting Act, Texas Government Code, Section 551.071.551.072, and 551.074. While some directors will join via video conference, a quorum will be physically present at the posted location in accordance with the Open Meetings Act, Texas Government Code, Section 551.127. The videoconference will be conducted in accordance with the requirements of 552.

In accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act (Subchapters D and E of Ch. 551, Texas Government Code), The Board may enter into Closed/Executive Session to deliberate any subject authorized by subchapter D that is listed on the Agenda for the meeting. Before any Closed/Executive Session is convened, the presiding officer will publicly identify the section or sections of the Act authorizing the Closed/Executive Session. Any final action, decision, or vote on a subject deliberated in Closed/Executive Session will be conducted in open session in compliance with the Texas Open Meetings Act.

At its November 30, 2015, meeting, the Texas Ethics Commission adopted amendments to Forms CIS and CIQ, that had been previously adopted on August 7, 2015. The Commission adopted these forms as required by H.B. 23, 84th Leg., Regular Session, which became effective September 1, 2015. Please note that the commission does NOT have jurisdiction to interpret or enforce Chapter 176 of the Local Government Code. Prior to H.B. 23, the Office of the Attorney General issued the following advisory opinion: Opinion No. GA-0446. Also, please note that these forms are NOT filed with the Texas Ethics Commission.