Are their any requirements to enroll at Texas Preparatory School?

We have two requirements:

1. Students must currently live within one of the following Independent School Districts: Austin, Dripping Springs, Hays, Luling, Pflugerville, San Marcos, and Wimberely.

2. To enroll in Kindergarten, students must be at least 5 years old by September 1. If your child does not meet the age requirement this year, you may submit their application so that we can keep your info on file and remind you to reapply once they meet the age requirement.

What happens after I submit an application?

Once you have submitted your application, you will be contacted by school staff to inform you of the status of your child’s application within 48 hours.

When can I enroll my child at TPS?

Texas Preparatory School accepts applications year round. When the number of applications exceeds the number of allotted spots, your child will be placed on a waiting list.

Are siblings and current students automatically admitted?


Returning students and their siblings are given priority for admission into our school.  If a class is full for a sibling of a current student, his or her name will be added to the top of the waiting list.


How much does it cost to attend?


Just like any other public school, Texas Preparatory Schools does not charge tuition for our K-6th Grade students. To provide high quality educational opportunities for our students, we rely on state funding and generous donations from supporters. Students ages 3-5 may enroll in our Pre-K Program with a tuition rate of $600 per month.


Does TPS have free and reduced meal options?

Yes. All enrolled students receive free breakfast and lunch through the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP)

How is a charter school different from a traditional public school?


Charter schools are tuition-free, open-enrollment public schools that are available to all students. Charter schools are held accountable by a set of agreements (the charter) they enter into with state and local entities. In exchange for this increased accountability, charter schools are granted more freedom to create academic programs and activities for a more engaging educational experience for students.


Does TPS provide transportation?


Yes, we provide transportation services to centralized locations within our geographic areas. Upon enrollment, you will be provided with the nearest pick-up and drop-off location on our transportation route


Are children identified with Special Education needs or Section 504 plans serviced at Texas Preparatory Schools?


Yes. Texas Preparatory Schools serves and provides equal educational opportunity and a Free Appropriate Public Education (“FAPE”) to students with Special Education or 504 eligibility.