2022 – 2023 ESSER Funding Plans

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Texas Preparatory School will continue to provide transportation under its regular transportation policy with modifications aligned with Texas Education Agency recommendations for COVID-19. Parents and guardians are encouraged to provide transportation for their student(s) if/when possible to reduce possible virus exposure on buses. Texas Preparatory Schools will follow COVID-19 guidance of Texas Education Agency regarding the transport of students for home to school and school to home services. Additional guidelines to be followed by students and staff are the following:

  1. Each school bus may be provided an additional staff member to accompany the driver as a monitor
  2. School Transportation will be limited to a maximum total of 13 seated rider positions per bus.
  3. Students will observe assigned seating daily and remain seated throughout the duration of transport.
  4. Students will be seated according to an every other row seat arrangement at 1 student per seat*
  5. Each student will be temperature scanned prior to boarding all school transportation
  6. Each student will be provided hand sanitizer upon boarding of school transportation
  7. Each student will need to wear a face covering while boarding/disembarking and riding transport

* Students sharing same household will be allowed to share seat, up to 2 students per seat.

As a student rider, all regular bus rider safety rules still apply and any rider in violation may result in loss of bus riding privileges.

Transportation Access during COVID-19

To slow the spread of COVID-19 virus among bus riders, transportation will operate in a limited seat capacity. Due to this safety precaution, transportation routes will be limited to 13 seated positions. In order to provide this opportunity to the most in need students, certain modifications to route scheduling must be made in order to ensure timely arrival and availability to all in need.

To allow for the most accessibility, 2020 – 2021 Transportation Routes will be operated by assigned students with pick up/drop off locations being community centric. Texas Preparatory Schools will consider extenuating circumstances but does not guarantee any accommodations will be made outside of the established route and/or stop locations.

Due to COVID-19 it is important to note that Transportation is subject to change to accommodate necessary safety precautions, modifications and/or closures.

Cleaning/Disinfection of Transportation

Under the guidance of Texas Education Agency, Texas Preparatory Schools will maintain a regular cleaning and disinfection schedule for all student transportation vehicles. Per the recommendations of TEA, Texas Preparatory Schools will follow according to the below action plan:

  1. School Transportation operator will ensure the following regular cleaning/disinfecting of bus with bleach and water solution following all transportation route services:
  • All bus handrails and common touchpoints will be regularly disinfected
  • All seats and immediate seating areas such as interior body spaces and windows will be cleaned and disinfected
  • Floors and ceilings of vehicles will be mopped and cleaned daily

When possible the school buses will ride with windows down to allow fresh air to circulate.

Transportation Students with Fever or Symptoms: Responsibility of Parent/Caregiver

For the Safety of Students and Staff, parents/caregivers are reminded that sick children exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms should stay home. Students that appear to exhibit symptoms or have body temperatures higher than the approved 100 degree body temperature will not be allowed to board the bus.