Our original campus, founded in 2001, is in San Marcos and was voted #1, out of the 4,359 elementary schools in Texas for the 2013-14 school year. We are located near Texas State University, on nearly a half acre in one of the fastest growing cities. Our goal is to offer a public school option for families that are looking for innovation and creativity for their child(ren) to thrive, all while advancing student achievement.



Texas Preparatory School’s small setting garners an environment that seems much more like a family than a just a school. Parents are encouraged to be active participants on campus and can be confident that their child will never be just another face in a sea of students, but given the opportunity to grow and shine as a unique individual. Each day, we encourage character development and academic excellence by upholding our Mission, Priority Values, and Club Code.

Adjusting Curriculum To Meet Students Needs

Our all day model allows us to structure the day to provide more time in subjects our students need the most.

Creating A Unique Culture

In addition to building upon the core academic subjects, we infuse project based teaching methods that focus on Science Technology Engineering or Math (STEM) education, performing arts, college preparation, career readiness, character and leadership development civic engagement, global awareness— just to name a few.

Interactive After School Program

Providing a safe and interactive environment is one of our highest priorities. We draw upon the most effective academic enrichment, music, physical fitness, nutritional, and life skill programs to challenge children and make learning fun.


We foster partnerships between our parents, our teachers, and our community to create a learning environment that improves student achievement that include:

  • Child safety is a priority.
  • Respect for students, parents, and staff is a must.
  • Education and hard work are valued.
  • Quality programs exist.
  • Clean and safe facilities are a daily standard.
  • Creativity and innovation are rewarded.
  • Recruitment and outreach are the norm.
  • School and local community are important.
  • Fundraising is sustaining.
  • Earning the public trust is a daily practice.



Art at TPS  gives our students the opportunity to develop an interest in art appreciation and to develop critical and creative thinking skills.  Our Art program is designed to help students develop awareness of, and appreciation for, the skills in communicating through art, and a feeling of pride and satisfaction in their work.


The goal of our Music program is to provide students with opportunities to develop knowledge and understanding of music through consistent interaction with the basic components of music and develop a lifelong enjoyment of, curiosity about, and appreciation for music


Our students will learn basic acting techniques and theater terminology for their grade level. Our Drama program is designed to teach students how to work together in groups, think critically, use their imagination, discover new ideas, and solve problems. Students will learn how to improve their focus, self-confidence, and social skills.


SMART Girls offers our female scholars  guidance toward healthy attitudes and lifestyles, eating right, staying fit, getting good health care and encouragement to reach their full potential.

These dynamic sessions, group activities, field trips and mentoring opportunities are facilitated by local sororities.

Passport To Manhood

Passport to Manhood consists of 14 sessions, each concentrating on a specific aspect of character and manhood through highly interactive activities.

Our students receives his own “passport” that documents his personal journey of maturation and growth. The program includes a service project where boys learn the importance of giving back to the community.

Digital Arts

Our Digital Arts classes are reserved for sixth graders only and our students are able explore the principles of computer-generated art.  This is a project based learning elective and the student’s help produce the yearbook that will be shared with the entire school population.


We believe that our students deserve multiple and diverse pathways for learning across all disciplines – hands-on, project-based, interactive multimedia, and more – personalized learning based on each student’s needs. Our STEM program is designed to do just that through 5 science themes.


We foster partnerships between our parents, our teachers, and our community to create a learning environment that improves student achievement that include:

During our morning assemblies, our students gain skills in cooperation, honesty, respect for self and others, perseverance, and the importance of academic excellence and achievement.

Through the singing of the national anthem, the school song, and through various activities and celebrations, our students develop a sense of pride in oneself, their community, and most importantly, in themselves.


At Texas Preparatory School, we believe in rewarding academic excellence and hard work.

For meeting and/or exceeding expectations, we hold an Academic Achievement Celebration each six weeks to honor our students accomplishments.


Parent involvement is paramount to student success! We prefer for parents to be active participants in their child’s education; therefore, we hold parent/teacher conference every six weeks in order to analyze assessments, discuss student strengths and areas for improvement, review grades, and set individual goals for their child. Teachers are excited to partner with parents to boost student achievement and well-being.